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Acromag's BusWorks 900PB series is a high-performance line of network-ready analog and discrete I/O modules. They feature universal input/output ranges and an intelligent microcontroller to provide extreme flexibility and powerful monitoring and control capabilities. Select from a variety of analog and discrete I/O modules to meet your application requirements.

Each module provides a direct network interface for your I/O signals. Unlike "block I/O" devices that combine large, expensive processor blocks with snap-on I/O terminal blocks, 900PB modules handle the network interface and I/O processing in one, compact multi-channel module. This space-saving approach is very cost-effective for systems that need to add a small quantity of I/O channels at existing control sites or network to new remote sites.

To ensure high performance, modules feature an advanced microcontroller techology. On-board address switches and automatic baud rate detection (up to12 Mbps) simplify installation. Four-way isolation prevents ground loops and increases noise immunity. Indicator LEDs and self-diagnostics help to quickly catch problems.

Profibus PNO, CE, UL/cUL Class 1 Div 2 Approvals.

Model Number


961PB / 962PB 6-Channel Differential Input • DC Current or DC Voltage Signals • 6 input channels, 0 to 20mA in 3 selectable ranges (0 to 20 amps AC with optinal AC sensor)
963PB / 964PB 12-Channel Single-Ended Input • DC Current or DC Voltage Signals • 12 input channels, 0 to 20mA in 3 selectable ranges (0 to 20 amps AC with optinal AC sensor)



4 or 6-Channel Input • Thermocouple or Millivolt Signals • 4 or 6 input channels, thermocouple or DC millivolts (user-selectable) • 12 to 36V DC
966PB 4 or 6-Channel Input • RTD or Resistance Signals • 4 or 6 input channels, Platinum 100 ohm, Nickel 120 ohm, Copper 10 ohm; 0 to 500 ohms resistance

972PB / 973PB


4 or 6-Channel Output: DC Current or DC Voltage Signals • 0 to 1mA, 0 to 20mA, or 4 to 20mA DC Current Output; 0 to 1V, 0 to 5V or 0 to 10V DC Output
981PB / 982PB / 983PB 12-Channel I/O • Active-Low Inputs, Sinking Outputs • 12 input channels, 0 to 35V DC range
GSD File The GSD file is an electronic device data sheet or device data base file that identifies the ProfiBus device.  All ProfiBus devices (class 1 masters and slaves)
AC Current Sensor Several Acromag transmitters with DC current input can be used used in conjunction with an external AC Current Sensor to precondition an AC current input signal.
Mounting DIN-Rail Mounting • For your convenience, Acromag offers several mounting accessories to simplify your system installation.
Power Supplies Universal Power Supplies - Slim Line • 85 to 264V AC, 100 to 350V DC, 100 to 370V DC Power • 5V DC, 12V DC, or 24V DC Output
Terminal Blocks Choose from barrier strip or spring clamp type.


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