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This modular system is the complete package for simple development of a compact PC.

Designed specifically for the Mil/Aero market, Acromag introduces a truly flexible hardware platform that provides you with off-the-shelf, advanced technology to satisfy a multitude of project requirements.

We offer the whole package. Quickly go from development to production using our line of modular COM Express products.


1. The CPU
Intel® 4th generation Core™ i7 or i5 processor delivers enhanced media, graphic, security, and power capabilities. The XCOM-6400 also features up to 16GB of removable memory. Rugged and dependable, it has a -40 to 85°C operating temperature and high shock/vibration resistance.


2. The Carrier
Double- or single-wide carrier card holds the CPU module, two Mini PCIe modules, and either one or two PMC/XMC modules. It possesses a high-density SEARAY connector interface.

  • Production Front Panel
    MIL-DTL-38999 cylindrical connectors for interfacing to the outside world.

  • Front Panel Power Filter
    Interfaces directly to the back of the front panel I/O card and provides filtering for incoming power.

3. PMC/XMC Expansion
Acromag offers several familites of XMC or PMC boards, allowing you to modify or customize your system. Includes: analog and digital I/O, FPGA modules, 10-Gigabit Ethernet network cards, and multi-purpose I/O cards.


4. Development System
The Engineering Design Kit (EDK) breakout I/O board provides an easy means of developing and testing your COM Express application. Plugging directly into the carrier card, it allows access to all signals delivered through the carrier card's SEARAY connector from the EDK board connectors. Available mounted to a metal base with two fans, insuring proper air circulation.


Model Number


ACEX4405 ACEX4405: COM Express Carrier Module •  Supports Type 2 and Type 3 COM Express modules •  Mini PCIe site •  ATX power connector
CPUs XCOM-6400: Rugged Intel® Core™ i7/i5 CPU • Type 6 basic format • 4th Gen i7/i5 (Haswell) processor • Up to 16GB removable memory

Carrier Cards


ACEX-4600: COM Express Type 6 Carrier Cards •  ACEX-4610: Single-width with one XMC/PMC site and two Mini PCIe sites •  ACEX-4620: Double-width with two XMC/PMC sites
Development Systems ACEX-4600-EDK and ACEX-4600-DLS: COM Express Type 6 Development Systems For easier development and testing, Acromag offers an engineering design kit with a break-out board
Cables & Connectors Breakout and power cables, and cable connectors: Acromag provides a selection of cables and connectors to complete field wiring with the ACEX-4600 series front panel


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