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Acromag designs and manufactures high performance signal conditioning and embedded I/O soluions for industrial markets and defense OEMs. Acromag 產品線涵蓋了各種各樣的製造業,軍用,工用,科研,公共事業,交通應用,石油化工和航空航天工業的I/O設備。具有50年以上的研發與製造經驗。




通過 ISO9001 AS9100


  • All products are built to comply with IPC-A-610 Class II standards.

  • All manufacturing assemblers, inspectors, technicians and supervisors are IPC-A-610 certified.

  • Printed Circuit Boards are purchased to IPC-6012 Class III standards and receive 100% in-house inspection.

  • 1st piece inspection at each assembly process.

  • 100% visual inspection at process completion.

  • 100% functionally tested per documented test procedures.

  • Advanced water purification and board cleaning system.

  • Strict ESD control program.

  • Adoption of ANSI/ESD S20.20 standard as guide for controlling static discharge.

Embedded Systems

(COM Express, small form factor computers)

COM Express Type 2 & 3 COM Express Type 6 | SFF Computers


Ethernet and Network I/O

(remote analog and discrete I/O modules for distributed monitoring and control)

Ethernet I/O Modules  |  Modbus I/O Modules  | Profibus I/O Modules  |  HART I/O Modules  | Network Repeaters


Current Loop Isolators and Splitters

(eliminate ground loop errors, reduce noise, suppress surges, retransmit signals)

4-20mA Isolators  |  4-20mA Splitters  |  USB Isolators


Signal Conditioners

(isolate, amplify, filter, condition, and convert measured signals)

Transmitters and Converters  |  Limit Alarms  | Math/Computation  |  Panel Meters  | 8B I/O Modules 

Choose the right signal conditioner for your application:  Signal Conditioners Product Grid



線上播放教學課程 (點擊這堿搨^文原稿)

  1. 介紹CAN BUS 技術 (Introduction to CAN Bus Technology)

  2. 介紹MIL-STD-1553  (Introduction to MIL-STD-1553)

  3. 靈活利用FPGA設計高速IO控制 (FPGA Design for Flexible, High-Speed I/O Control)

  4. FPGA 設計入門 第一集  (Custom Board Level Solutions Using Low Cost Configurable FPGA Modules)

  5. FPGA 設計入門 第二集  (Example of FPGA Capabilities - Part 2 of 4)

  6. FPGA 設計入門 第三集  (Getting Started with FPGA - Part 3 of 4)

  7. FPGA 設計入門 第四集  (Moving the Processor onto the FPGA - Part 4 of 4)

  8. FPGA工程設計第一集  (FPGA Xilinx virtex-4 PMC-LX and PMC-SX Engineering Design Overview part 1 of 3)

  9. FPGA工程設計第二集  (FPGA Virtex-4 PMC-LX and PMC-SX Model Overview part 2 of 3)

  10. FPGA工程設計第三集  (FPGA Virtex-4 PMC-LX and PMC-SX Model Overview part 3 of 3)

  11. 介紹XMC (VITA42)技術  (Introduction to XMC Module (VITA 42) Technology)

  12. 介紹VPX (VITA46)技術 第一集  (Introduction to VPX Technology - Part 1 of 2)

  13. 介紹VPX (VITA46)技術 第二集  (Introduction to VPX Technology - Part 2)

  14. i2o(智慧型I/O)技術 第一集 The i2o Advantage - part 1 of 3

  15. i2o(智慧型I/O)技術 第二集 The i2o Advantage - part 2 of 3

  16. i2o(智慧型I/O)技術 第三集 The i2o Advantage - part 3 of 3

  17. 如何建立Linux  (How to Build a LINUX Operating System on Acromag's Industrial PC)

  18. 電路板防水塗佈處理  (Acromag's Conformal Coating Process)

  19. 連接類比信號  (Quickly connect analog signal conditioning modules to a remote PC,PLC or DCS via Ethernet)

  20. ST131-兩線式RTD傳送器配置  (Model ST131 USB Configurable Two-Wire RTD Transmitter Configuration)

  21. 為什麼需要USB隔離,來保護您的儀器 (Why you need USB isolation to protect your instrumentation)

  22. Modbus/ TCP主控端OPC DA伺服器演示 (Acromag Modbus/TCP Master OPC DA Server Demo)

  23. 兩線式傳送器和4-20mA隔離器 (USB-Configurable Two-Wire Transmitters and 4-20mA Isolators - TT230 Series)

  24. Acromag最新IO 伺服器簡介  (An Introduction to Acromag's New I/O Server Industrial PC)

  25. 自動灌溉控制使用IO伺服器  (Autonomous Irrigation Control using Acromag's Industrial PC I/O Server)

  26. 渦輪機控制系統使用Acromag的工業計算機  (Turbine Systems Control using Acromag's Industrial Computer)

  27. 網路DAQ與PriorityChannel技術  (Acromag's New Ethernet I/O Series with PriorityChannel Technology)

  28. 選擇合適的繼電器  (Selecting the Right High-Density Relay for Your PLC, DCS, or Controller Discrete I/O Card)

  29. 以USB配置熱電偶/毫伏特傳送器  (How to Configure a USB TC/Mv Transmitter)

  30. 10 Giga網路解決方案 (10 Gigabit Ethernet Interface Solutions for Embedded Computing Applications)

  31. RTD/熱敏電阻輸入 (Transmitters RTD / Resistance Input)

  32. 熱電偶與毫伏特輸入  (Multi-Channel, Two-Wire Transmitters Thermocouple and Millivolt Input, 655T, 656T)

  33. VPX PMC/ XMC載卡兼容性:7個常見問題  (VPX PMC/XMC Carrier Card Compatibility: 7 Questions to Ask)

  34. DC電流輸入,迴路供電傳送器  (DC Current Input, Loop-Powered Transmitter)

  35. 選擇隔離和分離器的原因  (Six Reasons Isolators and Splitters are a Good Choice)

  36. 快速產品簡介  (Acromag's High Quality Products)



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